Where God Is 2

The God of the universe, the indestructible One,
The powerful, the mighty. Father, Spirit, Son.
The biggest, the best, the Creator of all things,
His Majesty, the Ruler, the King above all kings.

Of course He’s in control, what evil can I fear?
He’s always over everything, but is He ever here?
I’m perfectly alone in this hole I dug myself,
There’s only room for one in my “all-protective” well.
I dug it all alone, to escape this matchless pain,
I had to get away, before I went insane.
How could God fit here, in my lonely little hole?
Where everyday the pain peirces to my soul.

God is big and strong, but also very small,
So He can be right with you whenever you may call.
Regardless of the size of your painful little grave,
God can fit inside with you and still have pow’r to save.

So where’s this God you talk about, and can I get Him here?
What’s the magic word to make Him wipe away my tears?
He must have quite the schedule, with all these weary souls,
When will He be in my town to search through little holes?

God is everywhere you look, and everywhere you don’t,
He’s down in every valley, and up on every mount.
He’s inside every hiding spot, and standing in the skies,
He’s under piles of foolishness and mountains of despise.
He’s inside holes of selfishness and prison cells of pride,
He’s in the swamps of weariness, and shadows of your mind.
He pierces walls of self-defense, built by years of pain,
He fixes old and broken homes, destroyed by years of rain.

No matter where my hiding spot, I can be sure He’s there,
Waiting just to hear my voice and show me that He cares.
I only need to call to Him, and then it will be clear,
That anytime I need His strength, my God’s already here.

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