A poem to You, oh God of creation,
My Author, my Finisher, my Rock and Foundation.
The Lord of my life, Lover of my soul,
My King and my Father, Who maketh me whole.
The God of all comfort, Who helps me to stand,
The Lord of all Love, Who lends me His hand.
The powerful, omnipotent, pure and Holy One,
The Alpha, Omega, and second to none.
My Wisdom, my Strength, and my strong Tower,
My Knight in shining armor, Who makes satan cower.

You alone are worthy to be called Lord and King,
You’re who I love most, and to whom I sing.
For You, Abba Father, no words will suffice,
To You, Holy One, I bring sacrifice.
I give you my life, my soul and my voice,
Use me, speak through me, make mourners rejoice.
For You are the source of all joy and peace,
To us who follow You, our treasures increase.
You are the One I’ll love to the end,
You are my God, my one superfriend,
You love me, You want me, You died for my sin,
You pick me back up again and again.

It’s all about You, Your glory and might,
To just look at You would cost me my sight,
In all of Your splendor, seated on the throne,
In Your holy presence, all secrets are known.
I don’t deserve to be loved by You Lord,
But rejoice in Your promise You wrote in Your Word.
You pomised to love me, and forgive me all things,
So not by my own works that I earn my wings.
Without You I’m nothing, but with You I’m saved,
So for the rest of my days, I’ll share what You gave,
With family, friends, and all whom I see,
It’s the least I can do after what You did for me.

Now is the time, send me, I’m ready,
I’ll give all I own, donate every penny,
To do Your work, I’ll give it all up,
To eat of Your bread, and drink of your cup.
God give me strength and courage to go,
So I can tell them what’s making me glow.
It’s in Your hands now, I trust in You,
I go now in peace, and not without You.

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