What is a "Destinator"?

   This destinator is for use with "Rail Baron" the board game. The game uses a system involving 3 dice rolled 2 times each, and a full page chart to figure your destination. This Destinator is sort of a "Destination Calculator" for Rail Baron. Using this will drop game times considerably and make things much simpler for new players.

What about the probabilities?

   The Dice/chart system for figuring your destination was very ingeniously devised to increase the probability of rolling certain cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and decrease the probability of rolling smaller cities like Billings and Tucamari. This Destinator was programmed with the same probabilities, and I assure you that they are mathematically identical to the original game (unless you play with faulty dice).

And what exactly is a payoff chart?

   Every time you get a new destination, you need to know how much you will get paid for making the trip. This destinator / payoff chart has 2 simple drop-down lists of all the cities in the game (organized alphabetically). The second list will automatically select the city that was just "destinated", while the first remains blank. Simply select the city you are leaving from, and in a matter of 5-10 seconds, you'll know where you're going and how much you'll get for it.

Enough already! Let me destinate!

   Alright, alright. Click the link below to start destinating:

Rail Baron Destinator