The NET Bible Reader’s Edition

Free NET Bible with no verse numbers

I was looking for a good, free (or cheap) Bible with no verse numbers or chapter headings for that part of Bible study when you’re just reading through getting context. I knew the NET Bible was available for free, so I downloaded the eBook and removed the verse numbers and chapter headings myself. The good folks over at were kind enough to give me permission to distribute the eBook from my website!

So if you’re looking for a free download of a good modern translation of the Bible without verse numbers, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve called it the Reader’s Edition.

eBook Reader Download Link md5 Hash
Amazon Kindle Mobi df1151119fa74d33d8502483af09f6b9
Barnes & Noble Nook, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, PC, Mac, and basically every non-kindle e-reader known to man ePub cdb9b48bc315c71de883005200802693
Microsoft Word, Open Office, and basically every word processor known to man RTF

Feel free to download this and use it for personal use. If you’d like to re-distribute it in any way, please check the copyright information (provided in the eBook or at You can also contact them via their website if you need special permission.

Edit 10-20-2011: A couple verse numbers slipped through on the original, so this page now offers the fixed versions with ALL verse numbers removed. The hashes have been updated to reflect these changes.

26 Responses to “The NET Bible Reader’s Edition”

  1. Paul Says:

    Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for and in the exact version I was looking for. Perfect!

  2. payton Says:

    Thanks, brother!

  3. freewillgiver Says:

    Jesus bless you friend I will share this
    With many people. For your efforts to
    Assist the body of Christ You will receive rewards
    In Jesus! I have been looking for this kind
    Of free resource to share for years. When
    I have told ten people I will attempt to let
    You know.

  4. Stevish Says:


    Thanks for the encouragement, and offering to share this. Don’t forget to thank the folks at, as they’re the one’s who funded the translation, and made the NET Bible available online for free. All I did was spend an hour or two editing the eBook that they spent years putting together. I’m glad you were blessed by my efforts specifically though, it means a lot to me.

  5. Matt Gubala Says:

    Thank You the NET bible {readers} text edition reads great on my kindle touch with TTS!!

  6. Charlie Brent Says:

    This is fantastic! The index in your version is vastly superior to my Kindle version with notes. I would love to have an e-pub with the notes based on your index system. It would be much more usable.

    This version has been great with text-to-voice.

    Thanks so much!


  7. Dano The Mano Says:

    This has helped me A LOT. It’s so much better reading a book of the Bible without the arbitrary divisions. Thank you so much for building off the work of the folks who made the NET Bible. I know as you mentioned in an earlier comment that they deserve the credit for their hard work, but you need to know that God used what you did with this to help a fellow believer in great ways (and that fellow believer would be me). He is good, and I’m thankful for the way He worked through you!!! You’re awesome!!!!

  8. Ryan McCullough Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. This is absolutely awesome. Our church uses the NET all the time and this will help for adding scripture text to slideshows, not to mention my personal reading. Huge blessing. Thank you.

    -Ryan McCullough
    Boise, Idaho

  9. Shaun Says:

    Awesome! Do you happen to have it in a word doc? I don’t have an e-reader, but would love to print out a whole book to study as a whole.

    Houston, TX

  10. Stevish Says:

    Good thought, Shaun. I just put up the .rtf version.

  11. MR Quimba Says:

    perfect, thanks brother!

  12. MR Quimba Says:

    I should add one thing. This is a wonderful version for people who are reading impaired. Text to Speech is a great tool but is distracting when listening to the Bible because of all the footnotes and chapter/verse numbers. This way, it’s one smooth translation.

    Again, my gratitude for your work.

  13. Evan Says:

    Stevish, Ive been looking for something like this for months. I have my kindle robo-read books during my work commute. The versions with chapter/verse references dont work well for this purpose, but this one is spot on. Thanks to you, and thanks to the NET Bible folks -Evan

  14. Bryan Cheah Says:

    thanks bro!

  15. Nathan Says:

    The link for the Kindle version doesn’t seem to be working unfortunately. 🙁

  16. Stevish Says:


    Hmm, not sure what was happening there… I logged in to edit the post, but it was fixed before I touched anything. It should be working now. Thanks for commenting so I could fix it.

  17. Matt Says:

    This looks like exactly what I’m looking for for my daily commute! I like to have Google use TTS to read epub books to me while I drive. The link for the epub version does not seem to be working. Is there anyway I can get this??

  18. Stevish Says:

    Sorry Matt. Not sure what’s been going on. Your particular issue may have had something to do with CSS naked day. Anyways, I emailed you the file, and I’ve updated the file names to make them less problematic (they used to have an apostrophe and that sometimes caused problems).

  19. Matt Says:

    Thank you for emailing me, and so quickly too! I have it loaded on my tablet and it looks perfect! I’m so glad you took the time to do this.

  20. Jolene Says:

    Hey, I know this post is kinda old, but can you tell me how you got rid of the headings? I want to make my own edition of the NET, a Journaling Bible without headings, and I am making my brain swim trying to figure out how to remove them. Any help would be much appreciated!

  21. Stevish Says:


    Yeah, this is an old post, so I don’t remember a lot of details. But I know I had some eBook creation software (something free), and a mass search/replace program, but I had to look through the source code of the eBook files and then use regular expressions (you can google regex if you’re not sure what that is) to get the replacements done. I don’t remember it being too hard, but I’m a programmer and use regex a lot.

  22. Jolene Says:

    Thanks a lot for replying! I’m trying to follow the ‘All about using regular expressions’ tutorial in the Calibre User Manual, but I guess I’d better learn more about them. I found a search/replace program, but do I need one? Would it work the same way if I used the Editor in Calibre?

  23. Bill Says:

    Hi Steve, am curious to know what method you used to remive chapters, verses etc. I’d like to do the same with kjv but being a wrinkly am not sure how. Thanks for all your effort, if ever in Ireland I’ve a few jobs need done, plus am in my second childhood but maybe it’s just the first extended ? Bill

  24. craig Says:

    Thank you for doing this!!!

  25. Chris Says:

    The question I have is how did you do it? Is there an automated software program that can do this? The reason I ask is I would love to have the second edition formatted this way.

  26. Chris Says:

    This is great and really only readable version of the NET bible out there. The formatting is awful. The chapter and verse number before every single verse is extremely distracting. The question is, if we want a “reader’s edition” of this bible with the newer “version 2.1” edition, how would we do it? Just FYI – LibreOffice can accomplish this. Get the EPUB file, convert it to ODF for DOCX somehow (I used Calibre). Then in LibreOffice Writer, do Find and Replace for this: (\d*([.,]\d)*\d*):(\d*([.,]\d)*\d*)

    Do Replace All, save it, convert back to EPUB or AZW depending on your e-reader, and there you have it.

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